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Google takes adwallet under its wing.

“A unique business model prompted Google to invite AdWallet, a seven-week old startup, to join it’s private marketing accelerator. AdWallet, a free app that became available for download August 1, enables advertisers to pay consumers directly for their verified attention to an ad…”

Ads that pay you? it's not about the money --it's about respect.

“AdWallet’s pitch to both consumers and brands is simple. To consumers, who are increasingly becoming aware of how big digital platforms monetize their data, attention and actions, it’s about personal value, and self-worth.
To advertisers, it’s about the efficient economics of a pure ROI model with zero waste”…

Kickstart Seed Fund Invests in Adwallet.

One of the largest VC firms in Utah has recently invested in AdWallet. Details of the investment haven’t been disclosed, but it is one of the few investments Kickstart has made outside of the state of Utah. “Kickstart really sees the potential in AdWallet as a disrupter and we’re looking forward to the partnership!” said AdWallet CEO, Adam Greenhood…

Adwallet turns ads into a "good thing".

“Not once has someone complained that they felt interrupted by an ad, and that’s our core goal, to change an interruption into an invite, which is very different from traditional advertising,” Greenhood said. “Advertisers are getting a better result, and for users, their attention is being valued, rather than being interrupted.”…

What’s the catch?

No catch. No gimmicks. AdWallet believes your full attention is worth something. Like duh?


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